Keeping proper accounts is not only legally required, it is also an indispensably important tool for ensuring correct managerial decision-making. We can assist you in specific accounting areas or you can outsource your entire bookkeeping and accounting to us. We provide ongoing support for an efficient management of your financial matters.

  • Accounting
  • Accounts receivable management and debt collection (dunning)
  • Accounts payable management and payment transaction
  • Annual Financial Report & Reporting
  • VAT statements and turnover reconciliations
  • Financial statement analysis and consultation

Employees are every company’s most important asset – and they expect punctual and accurate pay and payroll processes. HR administration can be highly time-consuming for SMEs. In order to ensure the accurate pay is being transferred on time, certain deadlines are to be met and social insurances to be accounted for. We take care of all these responsibilities, freeing up your administrative capacity for other tasks. Whenever necessary, we gladly provide assistance during your workforce recruitment process and possible conflicts that may occur between employers and employees.

  • Monthly payslip
  • Wage statements / Wage statements
    Payroll accounting
  • Annual statements Swiss Social Security
  • Assistance in matters of HR administration, social insurance issues and employment law

Taxes are means to financially support the local infrastructure in order to uphold our social system, educational system and public security. Every individual is liable to taxes. This aspect is a useful thing, considering the fact that everyone benefits from the existing infrastructure. No one wants however to pay more tax than necessary. We are committed to ensure that you and/or your business will pay the right amount of tax. We are happy to advise you on possible tax optimization schemes and offer our support on all relevant tax regulation matters.

  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Review of tax bills and final tax assessments
  • Tax consultancy for individuals and corporate entities
  • Representation and assistance in negotiations with the Swiss tax authorities

Every business should be compared to a journey. Efficient plans and organization will result in a successful journey and ensuring a safe arrival at your destination. We support our customers during the process of their journey and advise on further development, financial recovery, pensions, succession planning, reorientation and many more management issues.

We provide assistance to your business’ first steps, take charge of the startup of your business or offer our support to your company’s formation. What is the legal structure of your choice? We are happy to advise you on the matter, pointing out the pros and cons of the various legal structures. We provide advice during the process of your company’s formation or upon request take full control of the entire process.

We arrange appointments to notary offices and the Commercial Registry Office for founding legal entities (i.e. limited liability company, stock company)

Domiciliary companies are tax privileged management companies established in Switzerland. This type of company structure is mainly of interest for company constructs which generate their revenues in large part offshore. We offer our advice and assistance during your company’s formation, absolving your business from administrative tasks. According to regulations under Swiss law, every company must be represented by a Swiss resident solely authorized to sign for the respective company. Whenever necessary, we take charge of the Boards of Directors mandate or the executive board of your domiciliary company in order to meet the relevant legal requirements.

  • Placement of domiciles in tax-efficient cantons
  • Management of the domicile company
  • Board of Directors mandate / Executive board mandate

Our customers additionally benefit from our network of professional contacts. As fiduciaries we serve most of the time as the communication hub between our customers and various public authorities, advisors and specialists. Whether you are in need of a lawyer, a trust manager, a notary, a graphic designer, an interpreter or a professional cleaning company, we offer our customers the assistance to get in touch with the most suitable partner. Should you not be able to find solutions in a specific field, we will make sure you find the most reliable partner from our network of contacts, who will deal with your situation, possibly including Family Office services.